HIDDEN HORROR – Suicide Club


Obscure even to horror fans. I’m not too big on Japanese horror but this one…DAMN! So surreal, creepy, damn bloody and just plain weird! A Japanese horror film that leaves you confused and guessing yourself. There are so many possibilities and interpretations that one could be kept awake all night thinking. Once you think you have some idea of its meaning something else crazy happens, causing you to second guess yourself. Then once you second guess yourself—baby chicks appear, yellow raincoats and weird japanese pop songs appear. Your head explodes.


-James J. Coker


6 thoughts on “HIDDEN HORROR – Suicide Club

  1. I really liked parts of this movie, but other parts were pointless. I found it pretty pretentious too (especially when those kids speak at the end), but it’s not easily forgettable, that’s for sure.

  2. Man, all these picks so far have been fantastic! Great taste! Especially with Suicide Club which was the one that started me on Asian horror.

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