Psycho 3

The third film in the “Psycho” franchise is wrongfully dismissed as a bloody cash-in by critics and not given much respect by many horror fans.  I am here to say that the film has a lot more going for it. It is the directorial debut of Norman Bates himself (Anthony Perkins) and his sense of direction is very much like Dario Argento’s, with garish colored lighting, crazy camera shots and angles and good use of lighting and mood all around. Being that it’s of course a slasher film it does have a few bloody and nasty kills, however it doesn’t focus on the kills at all and it’s not really a body count film. It’s more about the psyche and ultimate tragedy of Norman Bates. We know he is batshit insane and doing the killing but he is also desperate to want a life of his own away from “mother.” We manage to sympathize with him ALOT! All of this is heightened when a runaway nun that reminds him of Marian Crane from the original “Psycho” comes into his life. All that mixed in with strong themes of sexual repression and religious imagery makes this one hell of a underrated sequel to the Psycho Legacy. Give it a chance!

-James J. Coker


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