This is a late 90’s direct-to-video slasher film that is surprisingly NOT a “Scream” ripoff at all! Best way to describe it is it’s a psychological slasher film. It’s incredibly well-done and is just fucking awesome!

The premise is essentially reality shows like “Big Brother” or “The Real World” but with a slasher twist and the main girl already has psychological problems before any of the horror starts.

Where to start with all the good this film has? The acting is well done for an obscure direct-to-video title. There are likable characters. The music by William Kidd is truly memorable, his score is Goblin meets Danny Elfman! It really enhances the atmosphere.

The atmosphere and style of the film is what I loved the most about it. As soon as the horror starts everything turns Argento. With colored lighting, unsettling flashing lights, terrifically creepy and moody shots of dimly lit and colored lighted hallways that really get under your skin and creepy hallucinogenic nightmare scenes. The death scenes and gore effects are quite superb! The first death scene is very unexpected and comes out of left field making you say “whoa…did that just happen” and then the rest of the death scenes are well done with good gore effects as well. Eyeball impalement, face mutilation and a very nasty and bloody acid shower scene. Not only is there all that but there are moments of genuine tension that builds up and just crawls under your skin.

The ending is what can polarize viewers. It comes out of left field and is creepy but is also very ambiguous. For a slasher movie that came out at a time when slashers were all shitty copycats that were ripping off ‘Scream,” “Kolobos” set itself very much apart with likable characters, tension, creepy tone, nasty death scenes, unsettling atmosphere and superb direction…See this movie IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

-James J. Coker


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