Since I am still super excited for the new sequel in the Chucky franchise, “Curse of Chucky,” I thought it would be right to post about another Chucky sequel. This one gets too much shit from fans and not enough love. I am talking about “Bride of Chucky.” Now a lot of fans shit on this one because it brought humor to the franchise. However I thought the humor worked, it did not however work for the sequel “Seed of Chucky.” The film pokes fun at franchise horror films, the media, the goth scene and most importantly marriage dynamics! You can pretty much re-title this one “Marriage Dynamics of Chucky.” Not only does the humorous tone work but it also has some good direction from Ronny Yu and it’s extremely fun!! I mean the film is an absolute blast to watch! If you’re in the mood for some Chucky mayhem and don’t feel like watching the first one for the millionth time, give “Bride of Chucky” a watch. Just don’t expect something scary. If you expect something very fun and humorous then you should have a blast with it.

– James J. Coker


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