HIDDEN HORROR- Zombie Holocaust


Obscure to the general public but well-known and loved by many horror fans. To be honest I have heard about this film for years but never sat down to watch it until now. I have been missing out! This 1980 Italian horror film is quite the gory and enjoyable little show. It’s essentially four different subgenre’s rolled into one. At first it’s a New York City body snatcher movie, then it turns into a jungle cannibal movie (a la “Cannibal Holocaust”), then it turns into a zombie movie (a la “Zombie”) and then it finally ends as a mad doctor movie. What I found most enjoyable about the film is that you are never sure what direction the film will take after it goes from one type of horror subgenre to another. The film also has the look and feel of Lucio Fulci’s “Zombie.” In a nutshell take a body snatcher movie, “Cannibal Holocaust,” “Zombie” and a mad doctor movie all rolled into one and you have the enjoyable little nugget of Italian horror goodness known as Zombie Holocaust. Check it out!

-James J. Coker


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