TERROR TV – Tales from the Crypt – Mournin’ Mess

34 Mourin' Mess.avi_001439804

The best episode from Season 3 of “Tales from the Crypt!” Yes that is a statement because the early seasons of “Tales from the Crypt were the best but I do really believe Mournin’ Mess is the best of that season. The episode is about a sleazy and very down on his luck newspaper reporter who gets way more than he bargained for when he uncovers the truth about the city’s cemetery and a mysterious charity organization that disposes the corpses of deceased homeless people. What’s effective about this episode is that it’s a compelling story done at a quick pace so your never bored. Creepy “back alley” type Atmosphere and an ending that is incredibly ghoulish and nasty that it just sticks with you. If you ever happen to catch “Tales from the Crypt” on FearNet or you have all the seasons on DVD (bless your ghoulish heart if you do) and decide to pop in Season 3. Give the best episode of said season “Mournin’ Mess” a watch

-James J. Coker


HIDDEN HORROR – The Alphabet

The majority of people will attribute the medium of animation with the adjectives of whimsical, comedic or vibrant. This 5 minute experimental nightmare brought to us by a young David Lynch is the ultimate exception, for this particular live action/animation hybrid may just be the scariest thing I’ve ever seen to this day. Inspired by a terrible dream his daughter had as a child and as unrelenting on your senses as watching your dog get mutilated by a street sweeper, “The Alphabet” takes you through an over-saturated journey through many sights indescribable. The audio applied over the visuals in this short will give the viewer a tremendous feeling of unease all the way up to it’s bloody finale. It’s that same feeling you’d get when stepping off the wrong bus into a part of town you never knew existed, but the constant stare of the locals will let you know that it’s always been there.

Though it’s a very short trip, it is at least effective the entire way through. The only true upside to its microscopic length(and main selling point in my opinion)is that the short trip is more of a ride, and that ride happens to be Xcelerator on a slow day. You can just keep getting on. Unless you’ve eaten too much that afternoon, then fuck it.

– The Spork Guy

HIDDEN HORROR – End of the Line


Obscure even to horror fans. I caught this one by surprise back in 2009 and boy was I surprised by it! It’s a film about religious fanatics who believe that demons are coming to rule the world and have been told to kill innocent people to “save their souls” from damnation. All the while a group of people are trying to survive from the crazies in the subway system. This is a disturbing, tension filled and scary at times film that makes you almost feel like it could really happen, if you’ve met really crazy Christians in you’re life, not to mention it has an ending that leaves you thinking at the end. You need to seek this one out and definitely give it a chance. You probably wont be disappointed!

-James J. Coker

TERROR TV – Tales from the Crypt – House of Horrors


Probably the best episode from Season 5 of “Tales from the Crypt.” House of Horrors is about three fraternity pledges who are challenged to enter an old mansion that is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an axe murderer. What’s so likable about this episode is it’s incredibly spooky atmosphere combined with gore and a twist ending that is so “Tales from the Crypt.” However the best part is Kevin Dillon who steals the show as the Pledge Master. He is incredibly obnoxious and an effective Asshole. Don’t worry its “Tales from the Crypt.” He gets his just reward at the end hehehehehehe

-James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR – Suicide Club


Obscure even to horror fans. I’m not too big on Japanese horror but this one…DAMN! So surreal, creepy, damn bloody and just plain weird! A Japanese horror film that leaves you confused and guessing yourself. There are so many possibilities and interpretations that one could be kept awake all night thinking. Once you think you have some idea of its meaning something else crazy happens, causing you to second guess yourself. Then once you second guess yourself—baby chicks appear, yellow raincoats and weird japanese pop songs appear. Your head explodes.


-James J. Coker

TERROR TV – Monsters – Bug House


This incredibly well done episode of “Monsters” titled Bug House is about a woman who visits her younger sister after a year only to discover the house falling apart, her younger sister months pregnant and acting very odd and depressed, and the baby’s father a well groomed,polite yet very mysterious young man named Peter. What’s good about this particular episode is that though the situation of the characters seems realistic the whole tone of the episode is very unsettling and when the younger sister finally gives birth to the “baby” the whole episode turns horrific and you of course find out what has really happened. The episode has a downer ending that you do see coming once the “baby” is born but a decent downer ending at that. If you ever come across the “Monsters” anthology show on Chiller and see the episode Bug House is playing…tune it immediately

-James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR – American Mary


This film does indeed count as a Hidden Horror because though it is getting a lot of love in the horror community normal people don’t even know of its existence. Anyway back to “American Mary.” It really is a damn good and well made little film. What’s special about it is that there’s nothing supernatural about it. It is a very realistic kind of horror film.

It’s about a medical student studying to be a surgeon who is having financial problems and ends up doing a back alley plastic surgery for extra money and promises to never do it again. However after getting drugged and raped by her own professor, don’t worry ladies she gets her revenge BIG TIME, she cracks and quits medical school and goes full force into the seedy world of body modification. Once there she thrives at body modification but we see her spiral downward into a emotional staleness and psychological damage though still incredibly likable. We as the audience watch as she goes from a starving student to a whole other person because of what happened to her. Her getting her revenge in a delightfully gruesome way and her foray into body modification surgery.

The directors “the Soska Sisters” do an incredible job at writing and directing in this. It’s incredibly well shot, the placing flows (at least for me) and Katharine Isabelle plays Mary in a realistic way but also incredibly sexy, psychotic, emotionless and in a very likable way for her character. My only real gripe with the film is that the ending is very depressing and comes out of left field. It leaves you in a bum mood, very reminiscent of “Pay it Forward,” but altogether this is one hell of a damn good movie. It can even be seen as feminist movie and a movie portraying people in the field of surgery as people fucked up in the head. Please, out of all the more modern “Hidden Horrors” i’ve posted on here do yourself a favor and see this one as soon as you can. Hopefully you will thank me

-James J. Coker